Social products win with utility, not invites

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About the author: Sangeet Paul Choudary analyzes business models for networked businesses at his blog Platform Thinking. He is based in Singapore,


Global Product Management Talk‘s insight:

*   “a new breed of networks is gaining ground with the content-first model. They provide users with tools to create a corpus of content, and then enable conversations around that content.”

—>This was my original premise for starting a Twitter Chat:

“Communities coalesce around knowledge.”

*   “Startups often fail to appreciate the gap between technology and value proposition.”

—>This article is product/technology/feature focused and fails to appreciate the perspective from the “user” experience and the job the user wants to get done – which is to have the content be relevant, in the moment, and provide value with the most ease, without requiring new habits or retooling.

* Social products that win will focus on enabling users to create content first and generate conversations around it.

—>Tools that enable conversations around content – and make it easier to contribute value without being hampered by the tool…Why I love, and my newest find – (with love to Google Wave afficianados)

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