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Global Product Management Talk‘s insight:

The comments are as valuable as the article (or more), i.e.


* "when we foster relationships with open minds and scientific rigor, good things can happen." Kevin Folta via Emily McManus


* What we need is a general evolution in critical thought. That will take some time. http://www.ericgarland.co/


* this new social and digital era (actually, life) is not perfect, is it? It’s just … real, connected, and being present to what is. http://twitter.com/nilofer


* people who are charismatic and persuasive are celebrated by the media even when they are wrong, because a good story sells, and real scientists tend to be nuanced and boring. jisaacstone


* you can avoid these problems in your own business by taking the time to think through which functions should have more openness/autonomy and which functions should have more control/protection.  Lex Sisney


* Only once we become a society that welcomes and values learning, more than knowing will we really be able to progress forward.  Hbksloss


* "Process not just product."

Yes, when I look at the companies that had advantages in the 80s, they were ones who had a lock in on suppliers, land, capital, etc. When I look at the companies that are winning today, they have a lock on reinvention and process (Amazon being one of the best examples of this). http://twitter.com/nilofer



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