Blueseed Sets Sail 12 Miles Off Shore of Silicon Valley

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PALO ALTO, Calif. (April 1, 2013) — Blueseed, the ambitious venture that has been working on launching a ship for startup entrepreneurs in international waters off the coast of Silicon Valley, has finally set sail.

StartUP Product‘s insight:

Interesting that they release this press on April first…!

  • Blueseed One accommodates 50 entrepreneurs, satisfying Minimum Viable Product requirements in the novel category of seafaring startup communities
  • Blueseed is a startup community located on a ship 12 miles off the shore of Silicon Valley, in international waters outside the jurisdiction of the United States.
  • Future plans for the community include launching a reality show to compete with Shark Tank. Blueseed’s competitive advantage? The sharks are real.
  • Listen to Dan Dascalescu on the Global Product Management Talk discussing The Need For Visa-free Technology Incubators And Why Seasteading Is A Viable Solution

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