Q&A With Phil Royle, Product Excellence Manager at Legoland

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WINTER HAVEN | Phil Royle gets paid to make sure visitors to Legoland Florida go away satisfied.

Global Product Management Talk‘s insight:

Interesting quotes:
Product excellence is a diverse role. It covers all aspects of our park and interacts with our guests as well as our team members known as Model Citizens.

Our business takes the welfare and morale of our MC’s very seriously, and I truly believe that if you do not take exceptional care of your team, you find it difficult to ensure that they take exceptional care of your guests.

My role is to make sure that we maintain our core values in line with our Lego-based visitor attractions; corporate standards; industry standards; and, most importantly, safety standards.

We use our touch-screen kiosks; iPads; mystery-shop visitor programs; and, most importantly, face-to-face feedback from our guests to understand their satisfaction level and obtain feedback on ways we can improve. I spend a lot of time walking around the park talking to our guests about their day. That’s probably one of the best things about my job — talking to guests to make sure we are delivering what we have promised them and, of course, playing with Lego (bricks) during my work day!

—key takeaway

– a position title – Product Excellence Manager (is he a compliance assurance guy or customer satisfaction evangelist?)

– focus on taking exceptional care of your team so they can deliver exceptional results

– product excellence is defined by corporate standards and measured by customer satisfaction

– easier to achieve in a consumer focused physical product?

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