8 Steps to Follow for Product Managers Without a Technical Background

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1. Find your closest ally in the engineering team: Build a special relationship with the VP of Engineering, or someone in a similar role, and make sure the lines of communication between you two are always open.

StartUP Product‘s insight:

Underlining the great points Chris makes, here’s some how to’s

1. eat lunch with engineers and find out what they like to eat/drink and drop by their desk bearing gifts

2. to gain respect from engineers – learn their language, code preferences, pains and provide solutions, data, information that they need at the right time. Don’t be a doosh.

3. be humble, have a tough skin, stand up to take responsibility for blame, frustration, feature fails directed at product team – protect them from harsh reality so they can stay focused and productive

4. provide visual representation of the goal – paper prototypes, anything that can be used as a dart board works…

5. take care of yourself so you can be a source of constant, continuous, and on-demand positivity

6. be a data geek – know how to access, query, present, identify and make sense of key data points at all times (will also enable growth hacking & your career growth)

7. Customers – this is number one. Add to it non-customers, competitors customers, and ex-customers – understand and love them also because they will tell you the truth about what’s wrong with your product, where customers will justify what’s right with it.

8. Answer to a higher power – keep your KPIs, product vision/mission and professional manifesto at eye level so you can say NO, be called a doosh, and deal with conflicts with sales and other stakeholders that want the product & YOU to serve their purpose, rather than your roadmap goal.

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