Is “system builder” the new founder? An Oxford lecturer’s myth-busting guide to the word entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are often viewed as world-changers that risk it all. But an Oxford lecturer says instead we should refer to them as “system builders”.

StartUP Product‘s insight:

Written By Elaine Jung referencing views by Marc Ventresca, Academic director and economic sociologist at Oxford University


  • System builders have a vision and implement it in complex ways that involve pulling apart what exists, reusing that, re-purposing what is already in place.
  • Ideally, entrepreneurs address a need, and are solving a problem in a value chain of a community or a country or an industry, and that’s a very different image than one of a heroic individual who is motivated by “high risk, high reward”.
  • (Product) Managers in general look at the big picture, narrow it down and get more precise and specific, and follow through with a solution.
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