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StartUP Product‘s insight:

Startups are constantly asking themselves: should we focus on the quality of our product or the strength of the sales and distribution strategy?

Award-winning Vancouver-based angel investor Boris Wertz says,

To be successful, a stand-alone company needs a top-notch product and a clever distribution/sales strategy.

  • Startups are generally more successful when the founders are product-driven; much easier to add sales expertise to a product-driven organization than it is to add product focus to a sales-driven start-up
  • a great product requires great leadership with the right product instincts;
  • Sales-driven companies are often focused on maximizing short-term return on investment and this mindset can shape product decisions; sales-driven companies can evolve into service companies as they are starting to build every feature that clients are asking for instead of following a long-term product vision
  • Products, no matter how great, usually don’t make money on their own; product-driven companies need to focus on distribution in order to succeed in the long-term

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