Rethinking startup a ‘pivotal’ experience

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It requires emotional detachment yet total passion. It might involve killing a business in order to save it. It’s by turns agonizing, rewarding, humbling and empowering.


StartUP Product‘s insight:
  1. pivoting means doing something differently, often under time constraints as cash and investor patience dwindle.
  2. A pivot could involve changing a product to reach the same target market, going after a different market with the same product or preserving a small piece of existing technology to form an entirely different business.
  3. data will tell you what’s not working, but it doesn’t tell you what to do instead
  4. Some startups go through multiple transformations. Sometimes the proper course of action is to shut down a startup instead of attempting another pivot
“If you’ve invested in a business, it’s hard to kill it. That’s the hardest part of what we do. You’d rather pivot and take advantage of some of your sunk costs, but every once in a while, you realize this is a business that’s not good for us.”

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