Startup Professionals Musings: 5 Rules of Relevance Every Startup Needs to Adopt

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by Marty Zwilling

StartUP Product‘s insight:

Great companies recognize that there are now multiple interdependent stakeholders, including customers, business partners, and social groups, who need to be part of your equation since they can drive or limit your success, in addition to management and stockholders.

…strengths of the management team or a sustainable competitive advantage…may not be sufficient to make your startup the great success embodied in your vision.

…renewed focus on other less tangible attributes which can set your startup apart.

…multiple other relevant priorities, and the other intangibles required for a great execution.
Great From The Start: How Conscious Corporations Attract Success ,” by John B. Montgomery, does a great job of laying out specifics.
Five rules of relevancy by Mark Zawacki
  1. be relevant and stay relevant
  2. find a voice relevant to the ecosystem
  3. gain balanced traction
  4. form partnerships and alliances within the ecosystem
  5. maintain a relevant laser focus
…your startup needs to be a “conscious” entity, constantly aware of the complex eco-system around it, and the factors driving change and evolution.
This requires conscious leaders who are passionately committed to personal and professional growth, as well as the greater good of society. These leaders then cultivate the consciousness of their team members.

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