Should CMOs own product development?

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Marketers often talk about the distinction between consumer and B2B marketing when it comes to tactics and strategy, as well as individual background.

StartUP Product‘s insight:

A very different perspective coming out of Australia!


CMO = Chief Marketing Officer

CPO = Chief Product Officer

CBO = Chief Brand Officer

  • leaders on both sides of the fence usually share a history of roles in product management and marketing.
  • As the voice and direct link to the customer, CMOs are in a unique position to also help craft products that meet those customer needs in a responsive way
  • all CMOs must be integral to product design
  • CMO should have a seat at the top table as one of the development team
  • marketing chiefs should be the voice of the customer and be responsible for defining the customer archetypes and then synchronising the brand experience across digital, social, marketing, online, mobile and product
  • Making sure you have products that are measured upon customer experience – VPs responsible for customer experience, customer feedback and business intelligence reported to the CMO.
  • experience in product management has given her the tools to take a holistic view at the software-as-a-service collaboration provider
“Without the pillars of product marketing, program development, digital, pricing and product management and development, I wouldn’t be as successful,” she claimed.

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