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Posted by Marty Cagan on July 31, 2013 at


StartUP Product‘s insight:

Quoting Marty Cagan’s points:

  • rapid and constant evolution in technology provides hope that we can continue to solve important problems for people and our world.
  • passionate leaders…are the people that make an impact in the world, and I want to help them achieve their vision.
  • to be effective in helping people and organizations improve, you need to be honest.
  • Successful teams are comprised of these sorts of people (smart, willing to work hard, passionate about what they do, and sincere about wanting to improve), and the world needs as many as we can find.
  • the accomplishments I feel proudest of today are not the actual products I helped create, but rather, the many people across our industry I have helped to hire and develop…I love seeing them creating exceptional products, and leading great organizations of their own
  • I believe in continuous improvement. I try very hard not to get too attached to, or to be too closely associated with, any particular school of thought or technique

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