How Do We Cultivate A Culture of Innovation?

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From Kaylee Kolditz
Innovation Culture Consultant

I really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you on the NYC Women in Product Meet Up. I’m excited to see where we can take this. I wanted to encapsulate what I said during our chat about innovation —
We need to be careful not to attach the term “innovation” to everything because honestly, it is currently a trend. However, we cannot in any way discount its importance to the viability and longevity of an organization.
Innovation cannot be something we do or a phase or a goal, it has to be a part of the company culture. Innovation is not just about ideas…it is about a way of thinking and being; it is a language and a process; it requires flexibility and follow-through, creativity and structure; and it is more complex than we realize.
To be innovative is to be thinking of the future while taking action today. We learn and move on — already knowing what we are moving onto.
Only a company that has this ingrained in its culture can do this.
So, how do we ingrain innovation in our culture without turning it into the latest trend, box to be checked or the CEO’s vision of the month?

Kaylee KolditzAbout the Author, Kaylee Kolditz

With 18 years of marketing and business development experience, I have worked with companies large and small across a variety of industries, but I get the most energy and joy from working with product development organizations. In my current role, I help product organizations identify and access the resources (trainings, publications, groups, events) to cultivate a culture of innovation. I also help folks network online and in person, and manage an online community and conference for innovation in product development.

Goals: I’d like to connect with companies in the NYC area interested in looking at the gaps in their innovation culture and putting a plan in place to cultivate a culture of innovation throughout their organization.

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