Live Broadcast: Hacking Innovation: What Innovators Really Do

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Chad McAllister, PhD, Author, Innovation Hacker, Professor, Discusses Product Development And Innovation Insights From Interviews With Product Professionals And Business Owners From Large And Small Businesses

What do innovators really do? This is the question our speaker had in mind. To investigate answers, he set out on the road, traveling the US in an RV. Tune in to hear the insights and secrets gained from business leaders, innovators, and product development professionals.

“I’m excited to be in the San Francisco Bay Area to meet with passionate product people concerned with product excellence and innovation. Its an honor to be the first speaker to launch the Startup Product Silicon Valley community,” says Chad.

Chad McAllister joins host Cindy F. Solomon live at Studio132 for the Global Product Management Talk on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at the simultaneous times of 10:00 AM Pacific Time, 11:00 AM MST Denver, 12:00 Noon CST Chicago, and 1:00 PM EST Boston.

About Chad McAllister

Chad McAllister was a boy who loved to take apart things to see what was inside – what made something work. Not too much of a stretch that he found a love for electrical engineering during college. After graduating, he worked with teams in small, large, and startup businesses developing products – new hacks that no one had seen before. Sometimes the products made customers into raving fans and sometimes it was left to him to pick up the pieces and figure out what went wrong. Along the way he returned to school, earning a PhD in business, to deepen his understanding of how to exceed customers’ expectations. He is also PMP certified and holds professional product innovation certifications from PDMA and AIPMM. He founded Product Innovation Educators to teach anyone how to turn ideas into products that create raving fans. Oh, and he is currently traveling the US in an RV exploring innovation.

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Our format: we post questions Q1, Q2, Q3 Please answer using A1, A2, A3

Questions for Discussion:
PreQ: Please introduce yourself, where you are tweeting from & your involvement with #prodmgmt #prodmgmttalk

Q1 What can you learn about innovation from small business owners?

Q2 What are the key ingredients that drive innovation in successful organizations?

Q3 What is the one thing to do today to improve innovation success?

Q4 What’s it like to spend a year in an RV with your family (didn’t Robin Williams do a horror film about it?)

Q5 What do innovators really do – is it the same in big and small companies?

Q6 Can big companies apply lessons learned by small ones?

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Broadcast recorded live at Studio132 by BZLewis

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