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What’s Happening at Startup Product Summit SF2

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The team at Startup Product is excitedly planning the details for Summit SF2, on October 11, 2013, and we wanted to share some more information about what you can expect from what will surely be a fabulous event, packed with great information delivered by excellent speakers that represent the best of the product world.

A primary intention of the conference is to expose you, our attendees, who come from various professional backgrounds and orientations, to a variety of perspectives regarding product.  We want to provide you with tools and new ways of thinking that you might implement immediately to forward your product development and professional choices.

We believe product management is still very much an emerging profession, and while it is gaining traction, visibility, and understanding, there is still a long ways to go.  At Startup Product, we are firmly dedicated to facilitating the development of best-in-breed “product leaders” who will not only build functional and beautiful products, but at an even higher level, will drive the industry to build the right products; those that contribute to the betterment of everyone who comes in contact with them.

To that end, we’ve gathered some of the best and brightest in the product world to speak; people we believe are those product leaders today.  On October 11, they will come together to share the knowledge and skills they’ve gained from within the framework of our theme, “Learning from the past to invent the future.”   Our speakers have learned valuable lessons through their rich experience, and they will discuss the issues and challenges they’ve faced as they’ve made tough decisions and navigated various types of organizations.  You can view the lineup of amazing speakers here.  We’re very excited about the discussion and connections that Startup Product Summit SF2 will bring, and we’re looking forward to meeting you at the event!

If you haven’t already registered, the time is now!  You have 3 days left before Super Early Bird pricing ends!

Startups Are People: Michael Witham on Startups

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Michael Witham on Startups

StartUP Product‘s insight:

Lessons learned:

  • Business is hard. Startups are harder.
  • Startups are not a recipe….Startups are dynamic, fluid, agile, in a state of constant change.
  • Startups are not products, they are people.

Teams of people make the product, decide on the pricing, create marketing strategy, operate the business.

The most successful startups are not driven by products, they are driven by people making products.

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