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Jon Miller, VP Marketing Founder, Marketo on buying process stats

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Global Product Management Talk‘s insight:

Some stats on revenue cycle generation according to Jon Miller, Marketo founder and VP of Marketing


* 75-90% of the buying process is complete before a prospect even engages with a sales rep.


* Short forms outperform long ones


* Short content is most effective


* Visual content stands out, i.e. infographic generates 8x more views

* 7 touches are needed to convert a cold lead to a sale 


* takes 123 days on average to convert a target to an opportunity 


* Handoffs between functions have best potential to impact business performance   

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Your Product: Describe vs. Discover

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StartUP Product‘s insight:

Key takeaways that product marketing, content strategists, customer experience and product narration experts know:

1. Your customers cannot digest the full scope of your product in one shot.

2. A. divide your product into one (maximum two) features/benefits you describe and

B. let the user discover the remaining beauty and scope and breadth of your product.

3. Before you launch your product, ideally before you even start developing your product, ask yourself the question,

“what’s the one benefit we’re going to describe?”

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