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StartUP Product‘s insight:

byHenry Modisett in Product Design @henrymodis

Process Is Processproduct designers with good process…

  • absorb all the seemingly unrelated and arbitrary things around them and allow them to evolve their design process
  • collect ideas and methodologies so that they can apply a high-level interdisciplinary philosophy to modern product design

Design process is about applying different ways of thinking:

  • The Artist — Design is about creating

I want to be invested in my work on a cosmic level and believe that every product decision I make means something not only to me but to the user.

This conviction should always be the core of design process: Create because you love to create.

  • The Engineer — Design is about solving problems

The ability to create something beautiful comes out of the ability to craft it because understanding the process of building allows us to innovate. Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus art movement.

  • The Businessman — Design is about selling

A product is something that satisfies a want or a need. It’s much easier to find one small market problem and attack it, than try to attack 10 at the same time.

  • The Allegorist — Design is about telling about stories

Every time a user interacts with a product, their experience becomes a story. From their first interaction with your brand to them signing up and paying. When designing the user experience for a product from scratch it is good to frame it like a real story.

  • The Architect — Design is about creating spaces

We should learn how to create spaces to guide and encourage behavior. The point is that every space has attributes that form behavior.

Process is Process

Design process is about how we think and function. We should always try to apply different methodologies and philosophies to our own work because we are changing the world. It’s our responsibility to do good work. Let process be process and create something.

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