IBM Innovate: Ghostbusters is the best startup movie ever – CWDN

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StartUP Product‘s insight:

Takeaways from IBM’s Innovate 2013 technical summit

  • The IBM developerWorks software application development blog describes DevOps as a movement, rooted in the “agile” (as in Agile software delivery) community, to improve the collaboration between the development and operations teams with an ultimate goal focused on speeding software delivery and improving quality
  • “A start up is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty,” Eric Reis said — it has nothing to do with the size of the company or the shape of the product.
  • In 1911 – Frederick Winslow Taylor said that, “In the past, the man was first. In the future, the system will be first.”
  • Steve Wozniak explained how he used to innovate in the early days of Apple. “I just used to like creating things, but then every time I did, Steve Jobs would find a way of making money out of it.”
  • IBM’s Le Blanc explained how developers today develop, but that in the future they may be more focused on design and creation as they are able to focus more on innovation rather than the mechanics of building the software application development process.

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Compare and Contrast: Sprintly and Pivotal Tracker

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By Melissa Gena

ptvsspPivotal Tracker is a pretty popular cloud tool for managing agile product development, and while there are many things I like about it, I have also been messing around with since I heard the CEO, Joe Stump, speak at a product management event a few months ago.

continued: Compare and Contrast: Sprintly and Pivotal Tracker

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#ProdMgmtTalk on Agile Business Gap with Nick Coster, Co-founder, Brainmates

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co-founder, brainmates
co-founder, brainmates

—>NOTE: This is a DIGITAL EVENT at your location on your device where-ever you are!

StartUP Product‘s insight:

The Agile Business Gap describes the methodology gap between that exists between the origins of an idea or a market insight and the creation of an initial (and ongoing) product backlog of user stories. At it’s core the Agile approaches that we see are software development focused and in most cases anything that is beyond the boundaries of the Product Backlog and a release is largely ignored by any of the Agile methodologies.

“I’m looking forward to discussing how we have applied components of our Product Development Framework to the Agile Business Gap, in a way that embraces the core philosophies of the Agile approach,” states Nick.

Monday, April 22, 2013 at the simultaneous times of 3:00 PM PT, 6:00 PM EDT in New York, and 8:00 AM AEST Tuesday, April 23 in Sydney, Australia
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Questions for Discussion:
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Q1 What is the Agile Business Gap?

Q2 Where do you see this Agile Business Gap being a problem?

Q3 Is there a way of closing the Agile Business Gap in larger businesses?

Q4 So what do product managers actually have to do to bridge the Agile Business Gap?

Q5 How does a business start closing the Agile Business Gap?

Q6 What barriers do you see to being able to
close the Agile Business Gap effectively?

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The Best Product Management Tools for Developers – ProfitBricks Blog

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StartUP Product‘s insight:

Article reviews results of Forrester 2012 Report on Application LifeCycle Management Tools

“nine of the most common software platforms for product development and application lifecycle management against 116 criteria”

However, the title says “Best Product Management Tools for Developers

Sorely missing from this list are tools built by developers and product managers specifically to solve their pains not being resolved elsewhere AND conducive to running lean: Don’t ask how projects are going. Watch how they’re going in real-time. Product Management Software for your Entire Team Group collaboration – manage communications, roadmap, easily view as mindmap, manage levels of interactions & views, automates email communications and team management (delivers on the promise of Google Wave for distributed team collaboration) – capture ideas, prioritize features, easily portray roadmap & view status to completion with dates/times – visual online task management software

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